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We are your source for reasonable prices on solar panels and renewable-energy products for home power, back-up power, solar off-grid inter tied residential, camping, marine and RV power systems. Also we engineer, supply and maintain solar charge controllers and DC to AC inverters.

We offer a low maintenance, low energy and cost efficient solution renewable energy systems for projects large and small, for homeowners and do-it-yourself, contractors, installers, electricians, and developers.

TypeWattsDimmension (LXWXH)
Mono 40W40670x35x460
Poly 40W40670x35x460
Mono 50W50570x35x570
Poly 50W50570x35x570
Mono 70W70670x35x775
Poly 70W70670x35x775
Mono 80W80670x35x870
Poly 80W80670x35x870
Mono 100W100670x35x1060
Poly 100W100670x35x1060
Mono 150W150670x35x1482
Poly 150W150670x35x1482
Mono 200W200992x35x1482
Poly 200W200992x35x1482
Mono 250W250992x35x1640
Poly 250W250992x35x1640