Star Farm

We are also engaged in our farm, that is under development, located in the out-skirts of Jubail Industrial City, at a distance of 130 km from our Al-Khobar Head Offices (coordinates: 26.47 34.0 N, 49.24 57.0 E).
Besides the Palm Date Trees & farming, we are also working on the development of our Aquaphonic fish hatcheries, Horse’s Stables and some livestock.
Water is pumped from an underground well, suitable for the growth of palm dates, palm coconut, washingtonia, fig, tamarinda, olive, diospyros, moringa (olivera), and raspberry trees. Our seasonal crops includes on an experimental base, vegetables such as; sweet corn/maize, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, okra, turnips, dill, carrots, broccoli, parsley, mustard, coriander, lemon grass, spinach, Alfa alfa, lemon and many more crops.
We are enthusiastic about growing organic vegetables, fish farming and other farming produce as well. It will be our pleasure to guide you to the farm to get a closer look into it!